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Fondé par Philippe Cohen Solal, producteur-compositeur français et co-fondateur du groupe Gotan Project, le label ¡Ya Basta! Records laisse place à la créativité et l?originalité avec un mélange des genres électroniques et latinos (tango, cumbia, musiques brésiliennes et argentines)...

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David Walters


The title theme states straight away the position of this young singer and songwriter who joined the crew of ¡YA BASTA! in 2002. “Awa” means “no” in the West Indies… “But it’s a positive refusal, as a life path that keeps you on track and open to new, good people, for good things to emerge.”

Above all, this introduction reveals the multiple sources of the original gumbo composed by this young songsmith: electronic saturation, rhythmical roots, melodic thread… And then the Caribbean classic, “Mesi Bon Dyé” by the seminal Franz Casseus, a Haitian composer who left a clear mark in the minds of the tropic.
An internal exile, DAVID WALTERS gives a slimmed down version, simply dressed with a few silky loops. Between the lines of this sweet-and-sour text, the young man situates himself in the long history of West-Indian songwriters, of whom he is undoubtedly an heir, both in terms of themes – with clear awareness – and music – frankly creolized.

His second album, released in 2009, relies on the same kind of alchemy. Once again, David Walters inscribes this “Home” at the heart of the universal world of sound, somewhere between the suave ‘Hotel Bamako’ and the more dynamic ‘Safari à Paris’; between ‘Goodbye’, a duo with the Nigerian singer Asa, and ‘Lomé’, where he interprets his future in the light of his present; and even borrows ‘Fire’ from Jimi Hendrix, one of his great influences, of which he delivers a minimalist version. This album is more of a songwriter effort, with the participation of co-authors such as Mike Ibrahim and Arthur H, and allows this brilliant performer to emerge as a great author, with beautiful writing in black and white underlined by a sensual musical substance.

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