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Stereo Action unlimited

Besides The Boyz From Brazil and Gotan Project, PHILIPPE COHEN SOLAL and CHRISTOPH H. MÜLLER develop their endeavour by signing remixes and titles under various pseudonyms…

The tracks are often ephemeral but rarely lack humour and some necessary distance. The duo at the nucleus of the ¡Ya Basta! Crew have always made it a matter of principle to preserve their independence of spirit, as craftsmen patiently constructing their tracks rather than industrialists chain-producing hits.

This way, they come up with gems like the EPs “Hi Fi Trumpet” and “Lovelight”, with a deceptive air of easy-listening tinged with a bossa-nova elegance that turns out to be genuinely loaded with a deliciously quaint sensuality, reminiscent of Bacharach and Herp Alpert’s trickery – easy to listen to, but delicately and meticulously composed.

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Lovelight single


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