[New] Philippe Cohen Solal & Keziah Jones – Class Of 89 (10″ vinyl)

17,00 Including VAT

« Class Of 89 » is a 4-track EP by Philippe Cohen Solal & Keziah Jones.

Tracklist :

  1. Give Thanks & Praises
  2. How Many Times
  3. Liberation, Elevation
  4. NO (2 letters)


Spring 89 : Philippe Cohen Solal discovers Keziah Jones busking outside a Parisian café.

More than thirty years after they made their first demo recordings, the two friends present Class Of 89: a four-song EP that mixes their respective influences together, somewhere between electronic beats, electric saturations and acoustic warmth.

From the feelgood “Give Thanks & Praises” to the revisited afro-beat of “Liberation, Elevation”, Class of 89 represents the sound of creative freedom and musical friendship, its a sonic liberation!



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