by Philippe Cohen Solal & Mike Lindsay


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Last episode for the OUTSIDER podcast – featuring film director Mark Stokes

In the final episode of this series, Philippe Cohen Solal discusses Darger’s legacy with Mark Stokes.

Nouvel article sur OUTSIDER dans Le Journal des Arts et L’Oeil Magazine

L’Oeil Magazine et Le Journal Des Arts ont récemment publié un article sur le projet OUTSIDER.

Grayson Perry interviewed by Philippe Cohen Solal for the OUTSIDER podcast

In this episode, Grayson Perry discusses Henry Darger’s influence on his work, the path to declaring oneself an artist, elitism in the art world and many more topics.

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Gotan Project

“Tango must be released from the monotony which has characterized its harmonies, melodies, rhythms and aesthetic.” These words, spoken by the great tango visionary Astor Piazzolla, serve as a mantra for GOTAN PROJECT, an unprecedented fusion of tango and the latest musical technologies. The noble spirit of gaucho has been reborn in an exciting new form.

cohen solal by jackson ducasse

Philippe Cohen Solal

For more than three decades now, Philippe Cohen Solal has been making his mark as an electronic music architect and self-taught composer, having worked in many different areas of music production from A&R to soundtracks, as well as DJ-ing and making records.

david walters

David Walters

An internal exile, DAVID WALTERS gives a slimmed down version, simply dressed with a few silky loops. Between the lines of this sweet-and-sour text, the young man situates himself in the long history of West-Indian songwriters, of whom he is undoubtedly an heir, both in terms of themes – with clear awareness – and music – frankly creolized.



Listen up! It’s Féloche introducing the sassy sound of his mandolin, and his crazy, romantic style. Féloche has seen the world, and by that, we don’t just mean he’s travelled. Wherever he goes, he makes friends, with his huge, bright smile that seems bigger than he is. Everywhere he goes, he becomes a local, whether he’s on the island of

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