• Philippe Cohen Solal presents his new album "TANGO y TANGO"

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  • Philippe Cohen Solal unveils his new single "Toda Mi Vida (feat. Cristina Vilallonga)"

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  • Philippe Cohen Solal & Keziah Jones release their new EP “Class Of 89"

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[ÉVÈNEMENT] Philippe Cohen Solal & Denis Lavant au musée LaM ce samedi 16 septembre pour deux performances OUTSIDER

Philippe Cohen Solal & Denis Lavant seront ce samedi 16 septembre au musée LaM pour 2 performances OUTSIDER exceptionnelles.

Official “Seher Yelleri (Rey El Remix)” music video out now!

One year after the release of their single “Seher Yelleri”, Philippe Cohen Solal and Rusan Filiztek unveil a new remix featuring the American artist and rapper Rey El, through this new music video.

Class Of 89 – 10″ vinyl is available now!

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