For more than three decades now, Philippe Cohen Solal has been making his mark as an electronic music architect and self-taught composer, having worked in many different areas of music production from A&R to soundtracks, as well as DJ-ing and making records.

Listen to a selection of Philippe Cohen Solal’s music:

In 1995 he founded his own record label, ¡Ya Basta! During this period he was also worked at Virgin Records and other major record companies where hestarted working on a number of side projects such as Métamorphose, the Pierre Henry remix album, which he not only A&R-ed but additionally featured on as a remixers. ¡Ya Basta! then provided him the platform for his own projects, such as The Boyz From Brazil,  Stereo Action Unlimited or Gotan Project formed in 1999. This concoction went on to produce the -must have- album, La revancha del tango. Gotan Project went on to sell more than four million copies worldwide, and they played over 500 concerts around the globe from Rio to New York.
Never one to stand still, Philippe Cohen Solal wrote and composed a solo album, recorded in the countryside of Nashville, Tennessee. This country/bluegrass album, The Moonshine Sessions was critically acclaim by international music press.

His label signed David Walters, Féloche who collaborated with the legendary Dr. John from New Orleans and El Hijo De La Cumbia one of the pioneers of  “Digital Cumbia”. He co-wrote and produced Talé, album of Salif Keita who is known as the golden voice of Africa. Recently Philippe collaborated with ChassolLaurent VoulzyHorace AndyLos Calchakis & Angelique Kidjo.

In 2021 he released OUTSIDER an album with Mike Lindsay of Tunng and a transmedia project inspired by the American outsider artist Henry Darger. In 2022, was released The Human Seasons, an improvisation album with pianist and maestro Gustavo Beytelmann. In 2023 he has more exciting new projects, first to be released is “Class of 89” with Keziah Jones and following in the spring will be “Tango y Tango” a musical in a major Parisian theater.

Philippe Cohen Solal as a music supervisor:

Europa Lars Von Trier

Urga Nikita Mikhalkov

L’appat Bertrand Tavernier

La sentinelle Arnaud Desplechin

Shanghai Triads Zhang Ymou

Clubbed to death Yolande Zauberman

Sauve-moi Christian Vincent

Philippe Cohen Solal as a movie music composer:

Tu veux ou tu veux pas Tonie Marshall

Le fil d’Ariane Marion Laine

J’aimerais pas crever un dimanche Didier Le Pêcheur

Gotan Project awards:

– winner of the French Music Awards (electronic) in 2003 with La revancha del tango, and nomination in 2006 for Lunático and in 2011 for Tango 3.0

– winner of the BBC World Music Awards (newcomer) in 2003 with La revancha del tango and in 2007 for Lunático (Club global)

– Sacem Grand Prix for Export in 2010

– Knight of Art & Letters in 2011

synchronizations with Gotan Project:

– cinema: Shall We Dance, Ocean’s 12, The Bourne Identity, The truth about Charlie, Knight & day, Tom at the farm…

– TV: Nip/Tuck, Chuck, Sex & The City, 6 feet under, Brothers and sisters, Dancing with the stars, So you think you can dance…

– advertisement: UPS, Campari, Nestlé, Skyblue, Boots, Vodafone, Corona, The diamond standard…

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