El Búho Live dj set on ¡Ya Basta! Live

El Búho is a British music producer, traveler, and activist, dedicated to protect planet earth and its riches via his day job at Greenpeace. A creed that you easily hear in his original compositions weaving nature sounds and polyrhythms mostly coming from South American origins. Here from our Ya Basta office, he takes you on a sonic journey of his own. 

You can find most of his releases on Wonderwheel records or his own imprint Shika Shika Records

Sit back, take some time for yourself, and enjoy it!


El Búho – Caminata de Poder (unreleased)
Kike Pinto – Pachamama Pachakamaq (El Búho Edit)
El Búho – Mosquito (unreleased)
Huaira – Ñuka Shunku Feat. El Búho & Minük (Forthcoming, Shika Shika)
Biomigrant ft Fredys Arrietaft & Toño García (El Búho Remix) [Unreleased]
Barrio Lindo – Na Rua (feat. Carrot Green) (El Búho Remix) (Forthcoming, Shika Shika)
Piper Street Sound – al-lu-vi-al (El-Búho Remix) [Unreleased]
El Búho – Complete (feat. Dina El Wedidi) [Wonderwheel Recordings]
El Búho – Mañana Tepotzlan [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Kike Pinto – Mi Corazon (El Búho Edit)
El Búho – Boreal [Unreleased]
El Búho – Atardeciendo [Unreleased]
El Búho – Sudança [Unreleased]
Andres Landero – Dejame Gozar La Vida (El Búho Edit) [Fertil Discos]
Nicola Cruz x History of Colour – Paruma [Shika Shika]
El Búho – Camino de Flores [Unreleased]
El Búho – Goleen [Unreleased]
El Búho – Aguas Claras [Unreleased]
El Búho – Cats and Crickets [Unreleased]
El Búho – Winter Sun [Unreleased]
El Búho – Corazón de Rubí (Edit de Noche) [Wonderwheel Recordings]


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