44 Coups (ft.. Angel Parra) – Philippe Cohen Solal [NUMÉRIQUE] (Copie)

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We are saddened by the loss of Ángel Parra; a sweet soul of poetry, who left us in 2018,
Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project ) had the honor to meet him and become his friend many years ago.
To pay tribute to his memory, Philippe releases a tribute song to Ángel’s comrade, Víctor Jara, famous singer-songwriter and chilean martyr, who was shot 44 times by the militia of Pinochet, two days after his coup.
Ángel kindly accepted to record a song with Philippe: “44 tiros”

” Ángel, angel you were, angel you will always be. ” – Philippe Cohen Solal

© ¡Ya Basta! Records
Based on: “La Partida” by Víctor Jara
Scratches: DJ Nakeye
Recording & Mix: Marc Damblé @ Substudioz, Paris
Produit par Philippe Cohen Solal



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