44 Tiros (feat. Ángel Parra) – Philippe Cohen Solal [DIGITAL] (Copy)

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We are saddened by the loss of Ángel Parra; a sweet soul of poetry, who left us in 2018,
Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project) had the honor to meet him and become his friend many years ago.
To pay tribute to his memory, Philippe releases a tribute song to Ángel’s comrade, Víctor Jara, famous singer-songwriter and chilean martyr, who was shot 44 times by the militia of Pinochet, two days after his coup.
Ángel kindly accepted to record a song with Philippe: “44 tiros”

” Ángel, angel you were, angel you will always be. ” – Philippe Cohen Solal

© ¡Ya Basta! Records
Based on: “La Partida” by Víctor Jara
Scratches: DJ Nakeye
Recording & Mix: Marc Damblé @ Substudioz, Paris
Produced by Philippe Cohen Solal



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