Gotan Project inspired by Soundtracks and tangos

lunatico cover

Gotan Project shared with Vibrations a soundtrack of its inspirations for the album Lunatico. Always as electro, always more tango, simply different. All the ingredients are brought together in different ways: a looped bass, a suspended bandoneon, a sensual voice, and to boost everything, a shower of sensitive strings.

The playlist:

Carlos Gardel: Cuesta Abajo – Replicas extracted from the film Cuesta Abajo Accidentally died in 1955. Carlos Gardel remains one of the ultimate icons of the tango universe. The native of Toulouse will have definitively imposed the charm of the voice in Portuguese music

Carlos D’Alessio: India Song – Excerpt from the film India Song Presented in Cannes in 1975. the adaptation of Marguerite Duras will remain for her music. No one has forgotten the text, sings for the first time by Jeanne Moreau then taken up by Carla Bley in a daring version. here found original, without a word, just with the piano.

Nino Rota: O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia – No doubt Nino Rota is the absolute benchmark for film music The King of Nostalgia.

Georges Delerue : Camille’s theme – Excerpt from the film Le Mépris! “It is sadness jam for our souls in pain. “Philippe Cohen Solal does not think so well. From the first bars, it’s the whole of Godard’s film that goes back in time, chronicle of a languid spite between Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli.

G. Agatz: Eckoleg – Extract from the film Viva La Muerte Culte, this film shot in the early 70s by Fernando Arrabal. To serve the purpose, the filmmaker favors the “surrealist” menu playing on contrasts in order to sublimate the induced violence. Like on this song, tinkered with three times nothing.

Juan Carlos Caceres: Barrio – Extract from the album Murga Argentina Emigrated to Paris for ages, the pianist and singer Juan Carlos Cacere stood out by looking for the black roots of tango. Exemplary


Koxmoz: Volumen Zero – Unpublished extract from the album Tarde o Temprano, forthcoming Invited by Gotan Project, Apolo Novax and Chile Parker are the two MCs from koxmoz. The first has the verb fluent and the writing, pictorial, the second delivers an incisive flow, with sharper words. In the selections, Kox-T, better known under the name DJ Tortuga, concocts smashed beats.

Juan José Mosalini Y Benaïm Quartet : Ofrenda – Extract from the album Clasico y moderno The famous bandoneonist associated with the famous string quartet, under the direction of pianist Gustavo Beytelman, who signs the compositions and arrangements. The cast of the new release of the Mañana Clasico y moderno label is a dream: confirmed impressions in music,

Full playlist here:




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