Gustavo Beytelmann & Philippe Cohen Solal release new single “Winter”

Argentinian pianist Gustavo Beytelmann & DJ producer Philippe Cohen Solal just released their new single entitled “Winter”, from their upcoming album of musical improvisation “The Human Seasons”.

The title comes from a poem by John Keats and is a metaphor for the four seasons of our existence. It is also about the life that we improvise from day to day.

Here the acoustics and electronics interact in a unique musical ping-pong.  The 2 musicians cross over between the human seasons, between “field recording” and “spoken word”, to deliver an instrumental performance that is sometimes serene and sometimes powerful.

Philippe Cohen Solal started collaborating with Gustavo Beytelmann in 1999. He is the pianist that features in Gotan Project.  The maestro also accompanied the group on their world tour of “La Revancha del Tango”, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  One evening, in the middle of a concert, the two computers with all the rhythmic sequences broke down.  But the show must go on: Gustavo and Philippe then start to improvise, in a long suspended and magical moment.  From this technical incident a beautiful artistic surprise was born.  It took almost 20 years for them to find themselves, both in the studio, with the firm intention of putting themselves in danger and recreating that magic.

Sound landscapes, pianistic melodies, poetic interventions and solid rhythms are summoned to take us, during 45 minutes of electro and acoustic improvisation, to an incredible musical elsewhere.

Stream the new single here