Third episode of the OUTSIDER podcast – featuring biographers Michael Bonesteel and Jim Elledge

At the age of 12, Henry Darger was sent to a mental institution. The diagnosis was “self abuse”. He was one of many children to be sent away, mainly for being poor and uncared for, and possibly for being a homosexual. The abuse he witnessed and presumably suffered at the Asylum left him scarred for life. In this episode, Philippe Cohen Solal and biographers Michael Bonesteel and Jim Elledge discuss Henry Darger’s childhood and how trauma shaped his art.

Content warning : Please note this episode includes mentions of child abuse, physical and sexual violence. It can be triggering for some and inappropriate for younger listeners. 

This podcast series was created by Philippe Cohen Solal, written by Clémentine Spiler and produced by César Depouilly for ¡Ya Basta! Records. Illustration : Gabriel Jacquel. Excerpts of “History of My life” and the weather journals of Henry Darger told by Geoffrey Carey.


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