New “Ici c’est comme ça” lyric video out now!

Philippe Cohen Solal has just released his new album,  “75010“. The mission behind this album was to create global music with a hyper-local scene, focusing specifically on his neighborhood, the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Among the talented artists featured on the album is Charlélie Couture, who appears on the single “Ici c’est comme ça“, for which the lyric video just came out.

A fan of CharlElie Couture’s music since the 80s when produced by Chris Blackwell on Island Records, Philippe Cohen Solal discovered during an impromptu conversation with the French artist that they were not only neighbors, but both lovers of their 10th arrondissement of Paris.It was therefore spontaneously and enthusiastically that recorded shortly after this song, which describes with humor and poetry the typical French attitudes, full of good intentions, little cowardices and contradictions.

Some will recognize themselves, others will have fun with it to the point of singing in unison: “People want things to change, but we mustn’t…disturb them.

Listen to the single here :
Watch the lyric video here :

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