ADAM, WO BIST DU? Exhibition Soundtrack by Philippe Cohen Solal

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The Shoah (or Annihilation) revealed the industrialization of death and the worst of our humanity. Also when the German artist Ilana Lewitan, asks the question “Adam, where are you?” »We must hear “Human, where are you? »And as a subsidiary question: what would have happened to Jesus, if he had lived in 1938?

For this exhibition currently presented at the Museum of Egyptology from Munich, Philippe Cohen Solal created a thirty-minute musical piece that  mixes ancestral songs, survivors voices, and organic sound textures, all crossed by the ethereal accordion of young Israeli conductor Omer Meir
Wellber. This powerful soundtrack tells in parallel of Ilana Lewitan’s art installation, a story of brutality, pain and rebirth.

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Music composed and produced by Philippe Cohen Solal
Accordion: Omer Meir Wellber
Kantor: Samuel Lison
Voices: Natan Grossman, Leo Milchiger
All other instruments: Philippe Cohen Solal
Recorded and mixed by César Depouilly @ Substudioz, Paris.
Accordion recorded by Francesco Colette @ Massive Arts, Milan.
Thanks to Ilana Lewitan, Louis Lewitan, Omer Meir Wellber, Samuel Lison, Natan Grossman, Leo Milchiger.
Special thanks to Dr Sylvia Shoske and the State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.
Published by Science & Mélodie

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